Reset, rebalance & rejuvenate in authentic luxury living.

The 3 private residences allow exclusivity and privacy in Galle, Sri-Lanka.

Enjoy your own personal space with friends and family with hotel services exclusively for you.

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Galle living

Until recently, Galle was an almost undiscovered hideaway in this tropical paradise. The preserve of just a few intrepid families, beach bohos and slightly eccentric Asiaphile second-home owners. 

Today, Galle flourishes the travel and fashion pages of Vogue, Tatler , Elle and  Harpers Bazaar along with almost every considered travel magazine.

Sri Lanka and the Galle area is fast becoming the destination of taste, style, spiritual awakening and sheer indulgence for a more enlightened traveller, seeking a balance in life and inspiration on their travels. 

''Wished we had discovered it sooner!''
The henna estate is the most beautiful home that I have ever stayed. It would be unjust to call it a 'hotel' as the Henna Eatate has a much more luxurious and personal feel it.
  Galle Living Curated 

Galle Living properties have been designed and curated, to ensure guest reset, rebalance and rejuvenate.There is a room for solo travellers, couples, families or group events.